Like any organization that wishes to remain both viable and vibrant, Appalachian State University must plan ahead for its future. A strategic plan was recently approved by the Board of Trustees, which provides a blueprint for the directions that the faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees wish Appalachian to pursue. Now, the infrastructure of the campus must be enhanced to meet the goals and objectives laid out in the strategic plan. To make this happen, ASU is updating its master plan. The updated master plan will be published in 2009. It will be in place until 2020--hence, our designation: Master Plan 20/20, which also implies clear sight toward the future. (However, revisions prior to 2020 are possible, depending on the circumstances.)

There are important questions that must be answered: Will there be enough parking spaces to meet future needs? Where might additional parking spaces be located? Are there enough AppalCART routes? With the number of students increasing as mandated by the University of North Carolina, and with an increasing number of current students wishing to live on or near campus, how and in what ways will housing be provided in the future? How will more square footage for academic programs be provided, and how might more efficient use of existing buildings be accomplished?

We invite your participation as Appalachian develops its new master plan. Workshops are scheduled. We've also developed a Blog on this site by which we will share information and through which you can offer response and input as the process continues.

Thank you for your support in this process.

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